Thursday, September 5, 2013

Denali Bus Ride

More beautiful weather....
...and a nice caribou sighting to start off our day in the park.

Stopped for a moose sighting (below) and noticed a golden eagle (above) perched on a rocky knoll.

Checking out the dall sheep in the distance.

First bear sighting of the day!  Solo bear on the hillside munching on greens and berries.

Beautiful views at Polychrome Pass.

View from Stony Overlook....about 90% of the mountain showing :)

More moose sightings along the way.  Two bulls in the photo above and cow and calf below.

On the way back when passing through Igloo Canyon we had a great bear family sighting.  A sow with two spring cubs!  Momma was mainly interested in filling her belly and the two cubs were wrestling each other, then came crashing down to the road to put on a show for the buses.

hello :)  check out those claws!
Momma still minding her own business.
Until little junior starts looking for her.
Then she starts frantically searching for them.

She found them!  And hopefully they live happily ever after :)
Us too!  
Another great day on the bus!
And a very fitting ending...started the day with a caribou sighting and ended the day with one too!  Nothing like a caribou butt waving good day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Denali Highway

What a beautiful day for a drive!  We loaded up the car with picnic supplies and headed out the Denali Highway.  Just a few miles down the highway we had the best view of Denali that we have ever had from the highway.

Stopped by to see the merging rivers, clear waters flowing into the cloudy silt-filled glacial river.

Such a nice day for the Boss dog!  He had a blast chasing his frisbee and taking a swim.

The boys had a good time skipping rocks.

Mom and I just enjoying the day :)
Lots of fireweed on the roadside.
Surrounded by great views of the Alaska Range.

Big Susitna River