Friday, November 9, 2012

Play Time

More beautiful weather on the northern side of the Alaska Range!  Daytime highs have been ranging between  20 above and 10 below.  Perfect weather for playing!
Catching first light on the mountains.
The High One, Denali

Land that is impossible to travel on in the summer with machines (and not easy going on foot) is perfect for travel this time of year.  With everything frozen, you can pretty much go anywhere you want.  And no bugs or bears!

We are not the only ones that enjoy the snow.  Boss LOVES the snow!
Face plants and snow baths are common.

Shakin' it off
Happy dog!  
We start putting his fleece booties on when the temps are below zero.

We are still in awe that we stood on top of this magnificent mountain!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Riley Creek

The battle of water and ice...
As the ice encroaches further and further in on the heart of the creek, the water fights backs.  It eats away at the edges, it pushes from underneath, and it flows over the top in order to continue its journey downstream.  As the temperature drops, the ice expands in every direction and the battle continues. 
This battle creates overflow water and overflow ice which will cause the scenery to change constantly over the next six months.
Right now the water is warmer than the air causing steam to roll off the water crystallizing on everything close by.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Neighborhood Walks

We have had some outstanding weather lately!  Whenever we feel we need a break from working on the cabin we take a walk (or ride) around the neighborhood.  We usually walk about two or four miles at a time.  It's amazing to feel the temperature difference between our cabin and the high point where we turn around.  Actually, you don't notice it until you turn around and walk down into the colder air.  The cold air definitely sinks around here.

 Beauty all around us!
 I love how everything is coated in snow and ice crystals.
Great, long shadows with the low light angles.