Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Local Trails

 Andrew and I enjoyed exploring some new trails in the Healy area one afternoon recently.  We were able to ride up to about 4,000 ft. and from there we did some hiking.
This is just above tree line, ~3,000 ft.  Behind Andrew is Castle Rock, the first prominent peak of the 15 mile long Healy Ridgeline. 
Some other unnamed peaks of the Healy Ridgeline behind him here.
 As we neared the ridge, this ptarmigan refused to leave the trail.  He ran up the trail for over a quarter mile in front of our four-wheeler. 
 A beautiful creek drainage on the other side of the ridge from where we normally hike.
 This is a great ridge trail!  Probably made by and  mostly used by hunters.

 Tons of gorgeous wildflowers up here....eskimo potato, bear flower, arnica, avens, bluebells.

 Bear flower here
 Rock Jasmine here
 The Alpine Andrew here :) hiking through the mountain avens.

 Downiest feather we've ever found.  Probably from an owl we're guessing.


 More avens

 Healy's Otto Lake
 Bell Heather
 Mountain Buttercup
Looking down at Healy and the Parks Hwy.
A beautiful day, but the bugs were driving us batty!  We could hardly pause for a moment so it was a quick turnaround at the ridge.  Back down to the four-wheeler so we could out run the mosquitoes :)